Donations Needed for Crossroads Camp!

Please post this flyer at your service sites if possible, thank you! Email me with any questions.


Donation Flyer 2014, Goods

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Crossroads Camp

Every year, OSEEC works together with its service sites and members of the community in order to host a camp for children that are temporarily living at Crossroads Rhode Island, the leading homeless services organization in the state. Through Crossroads Camp, the homeless youth of Crossroads RI will visit three of OSEEC’s partner sites: Save the Bay, Norman Bird Sanctuary, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo, in addition to local parks and natural areas in mid-August.

Currently, we are working at securing food donations for daily breakfast, snacks, and lunch for every child. We are also accepting donations of: Backpacks, Towels, Reusable water bottles, Bottles of sunscreen, Rash guards, and Snorkel gear.

We’ve compiled a list of possible donation sites that we will be soliciting, but if anyone else has any information, tips, or would like to donate, please feel free to contact myself at or Gerlisa at

Thanks for all of your help!

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Volunteer Opportunity

There is an exciting opportunity for volunteer hours in the library this summer for students interested in gaining library experience. 

The library is looking for volunteers to help tag books, enabling them to be checked in and out. It is a low-impact opportunity! Not a lot of standing and you get to see our extensive collection!

If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please put them in contact with our Head of Circulation, Donna Snead at (401) 455-8000 or at

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Life After AmeriCorps

After two years with the AmeriCorps, I can’t believe that my time in service is almost over! It has so profoundly affected who I am and how I exist in the world around me.

I have spent my time with Ready to Learn Providence at the Providence Public Library and it has shaped not only my time in the AmeriCorps, but also my future career plans. My plans after AmeriCorps are to go to library school at the University of Pittsburgh and specialize in public library work. My time working in a public library has shaped my view of the work that public libraries can do and the profound impact that they can have on a community. I am so excited to give back to my community in this meaningful way, and my time in the AmeriCorps has made this opportunity possible.

I am so excited to begin my career, but I know that my connection with the AmeriCorps does not end after my time of service. I intend on being an engaged alumna and staying connected with the important work that the AmeriCorps performs, both on the ground and behind the scenes.

My experiences have changed my life. I hope that whoever fills my position gets the same opportunities I did to lead, listen and learn because that is what our term of service is for. You enter as one thing, and leave as something completely different. At least that’s what happened to me.

Image  Image  Image  Image


(Sadly I’m too lazy to get photo releases for the kids, or I would have more story time pictures! However, look at all the stuff Ready to Learn Providence does!)

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Future Plans from a MuseumCorps Educator!

Prior to my year of service I often found myself struggling to find my passion. Throughout my life, I swore that my perfect fit was somewhere in the medical field.  Then I got some experience in the medical field. I took notice that the only real time that I was actually happy in a medical office was when a child was the patient.

Realizing my love for being around children prompted me to search high and low for opportunities that would provide me with experience to see if I was cut out for working with children. First, I found the Children’s Museum then I found out about AmeriCorps there.

 Through my year of service I was exposed to early education through the Head Start program. We worked closely with over 50 classrooms and I was able to see the different dynamics in them all. While we were working one-on-one with the children I could envision myself being their teacher full-time. Most times I found myself longing for my own preschool classroom with my own set of children who I could learn and grow from while effectively guiding them through their early years.

I registered full-time at CCRI in the Early Childhood Education program this fall. I have my year of service to thank for preparing me for the year to come and for helping me discover where I want to focus my dedication.

-Vanessa Guerrero, HeadStart Team

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P.R.I.D.E. at Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School

The EBCAP AmeriCorps Team   had our April service project at The Emma G. WhiteKnact Elementary School in East Providence. The motto of this school is P.R.I.D.E. which stands for Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence. The school has even named their hallways after the five principles. The only problem was that the school did not have the motto in clear site for everyone to see. The EBCAP AmeriCorps Team spent the day at the school panting their motto on their gym/ lunchroom wall.  It was a great way for the team to bond and give back at the same time.



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Spring Update from R2LP

There is so much going on at Ready to Learn Providence this spring! It is hard to believe that the end of the year is approaching so quickly…we still have so much on our plates!

R2LP is broken down into 5 teams (Library, Health, Childcare, Professional Development, and Central Falls School District), so I’m going to give you an update from each of the teams…starting with my team, the library team!

The library team has been busy initiating a project called “Ready for K!” at some of the branch libraries, including Olneyville, Washington Park, Mount Pleasant and Knight Memorial. It has been a great way members to take on new and exciting roles at their sites. Additionally, there are upcoming events such as an Early Childhood Educators’ Conference and Family Childcare Provider Day at the Providence Public Library.

The health team is taking a 10-week series called Community Health Workers, which is enabling them to engage in their work in more meaningful and thoughtful ways. It also provides important professional development for those hoping to enter the health field after their term of service.

The childcare team is busy on all fronts and is having Family Engagement Nights and “I am Moving, I am Learning” presentations at several sites, including the Heritage Park YMCA. They have also been assisting with Ready to Learn’s course “Mind in the Making.”

The professional development team has been assisting with the recent partnership between Ready to Learn and the Center for Early Learning Professionals. The members of the PD team have been assisting with class registrations and publicity for this new center.

The Central Falls School District team has been hosting a series of Parent Workshops on subjects ranging from teaching science to your children to choosing appropriate books.

Finally, our whole team is looking forward to attending the Roger Williams Park Clean-Up this Saturday, April 26th!

R2LP would like to thank many members from other corps for their help with childcare during our “Mind in the Making” course, being offered at Ready to Learn. This cross-corps collaboration has allowed students with children to attend class by providing childcare during these critical times. However, we still need support for the remaining classes. If anyone is looking for additional hours, R2LP could use assistance with childcare on Monday and Thursdays from 5:15-8:15 pm and Saturdays from 8:30-11:45 am. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kristin Read at or at (401)490-9960.

Last, bust definitely not least, we want to say congratulations to our PD team member Evelyn Leonardo! She is expecting her second daughter and had her baby shower Monday! We will definitely miss her, but can’t wait to meet this future AmeriCorps!Image

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