Welcome Rhode Island AmeriCorps!

Dear Rhode Island AmeriCorps Members,

The InterCorps Council 2009-2010 maintained a blog over the past 10 months. You may not have seen this blog, or you may have read it everyday. Either way, during a debrief it was suggested that the url www.intercorpscouncil.wordpress.com, be changed to a more AmeriCorps oriented url– thus, here you are on www.riamericorps.wordpress.com.

On behalf of the 2009-2010 InterCorps Council, who met for the last time this morning, we are proud to invite everyone to read, contribute and stay engaged with this blog. We hope this provides a valuable means of staying in touch with the entire Rhode Island AmeriCorps community.

All of the important documents from last year’s blog have been archived here in the headings you see above the posts. For new AmeriCorps members, these documents are resources, memories, and testaments of all the valuable service you completed in your 2009-2010 service year.

If there is any problem or request you may have regarding this blog, please feel free to e-mail msmith@serverhodeisland.org and I will do everything I can to honor requests and suggestions for how to make this blog more informative, resourceful and engaging.

Thank you and Sincerely,

The Rhode Island AmeriCorps InterCorps Council


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