Outreach Opportunity 8/21

For Housing Action’s outreach blitz we’re looking to get a large amount of AmeriCorps, friends, volunteers, etc to hit a different town once a month with information on tenants/homeowners rights around foreclosure, info on RI Legal Services and RI Housing. The outreach will consist of groups of 2-3 people door knocking with packets of information trying to make a face to face connection. This month we will be focusing on parts of Providence. From the evaluations of previous blitzes volunteers have found the experience rewarding with a comfortable work load. If needed I can run a quick outreach safety and prep training. Please contact me so that I can give out further details and add you to our reward experiance.

– Adam Brierley
Housing Action Coalition of Rhode Island
Tenant Education Specialist
401-521-1461 x28

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One Response to Outreach Opportunity 8/21

  1. Joe Russo says:

    This is a great service that is being provided. All RI home owners should be aware of all housing and legal services.

    We provide a free service for RI home owners at http://www.homeimprovementri.com by matching them with 3 home improvement companies. This allows them to work with a qualified company and receive the best price possible.

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