FAFSA January: College Financial Aid

Hey there AmeriCorps! For the College Advising Corps, January is FAFSA month. If you went to college, you probably remember the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the primary financial aid form the opens the door for students to thousands of dollars worth of federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Many of the students that our corps works with are first-generation college students, meaning that their parents are unfamiliar with the FAFSA or the financial aid process. Helping them to fill out this form is a key step in making sure that they get the financial support they need to succeed in college and earn a degree!

If you have experience with the FAFSA (even if it’s just from your days as a student) and are interested in helping high school seniors, you can volunteer for College Goal Sunday, a state-wide event at which students receive free assistance in filling out the form. You can get more information and sign up to volunteer at http://www.collegegoalri.org/.

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