EBCAP Thankgiving Basket Assembly!

As part of an annual tradition, the organization East Bay Community Action Program has made it an initiative to provide Thanksgiving baskets for clients who the agency has tried to determine who might need the extra help the most this holiday season. The agency tries to give everyone a chance to receive a basket, and not duplicate the service for the same family each year as much as the agency would love to provide a basket for everyone. Our goal this year was to assemble a minimum of 150 baskets for the upper east bay area families. The goal was met and exceeded, with more than 200 baskets assebled. Donations were taken in from local schools and also from other various locations which held food drives as well as the federal SNAP agency providing us with the reusable cloth bags to put the food into. The response was overwelming in the amount of food which was donated for this event and the process of assembling them as an AmeriCorps group really brought us together to do something great.


About kendalynt

I love cooking. I think I can eat more ice cream than anyone else I know. I prefer to have chocolate at least once a day. I just realized all these things so far involve food and must mean that I am probably hungry right now. I don't have any tattoos and don't plan on getting any. I am grateful for my parents and their support for everything I do. My biggest fear is failure. I love shopping for shoes and bathing suits. Anything Will Ferrell does makes me laugh. If I could have any superpower it would be to fly. I have pretty good spidey-sense and am able to get around for the most part eventually. If I had an endless amount of money I would be a perpetual student. If I could go bungee jumping or sky-diving I would do either in an instant.
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