The 2012 AmeriCorps Week: Saturday, March 10 -18

Every day, AmeriCorps members across the country are making a powerful difference in communities and their own lives. Each year during AmeriCorps Week, we recognize the commitment of AmeriCorps members and alums and highlight the extraordinary value AmeriCorps brings to our nation. We are pleased to share the dates, goals, and theme of 2012 AmeriCorps Week.

The 2012 AmeriCorps Week will take place from Saturday, March 10 through Sunday, March 18….

….Our two main goals for 2012 AmeriCorps Week are to:

  1. Help make AmeriCorps members and alums feel part of something larger than themselves and their projects; and to connect AmeriCorps members and alums with each other and a nationwide effort.
  2. Communicate the powerful impact AmeriCorps has on critical national and community challenges and on the lives of members and alums.

Our theme this year is “AmeriCorps Works.” This theme communicates the value and effectiveness of AmeriCorps while providing flexibility to be used in many different contexts. It provides an overarching framework to communicate AmeriCorps triple bottom line return on investment — for the recipients of service, the people who serve, and the larger community and nation. For example:

AmeriCorps Works…
· To meet pressing community needs

· To make our communities safer, stronger, and healthier

· To improve the lives of vulnerable Americans

· To build the next generation of nonprofit leaders

· To develop innovative community solutions

· To mobilize volunteers and resources to strengthen America’s voluntary sector

· To expand economic and educational opportunity for those who serve

The theme can be tailored to connect to specific individuals, locations, issues, and communities. For example:

AmeriCorps Works….
· To give me the skills I need to succeed in life (individual member)

· To increase childhood literacy in Minnesota (state commission)

· To help veterans adjust to civilian life through a new service mission (focus area)

· To rebuild Joplin better than it was before (community)

· To expand the reach and impact of my nonprofit (grantee)

· To jumpstart my career in education (alumni)

We will be sharing more resources about ways that commissions, grantees, sponsors, members, and alums can participate in 2012 AmeriCorps Week, so stay tuned. We hope you will forward this email to others in your network and join us in celebrating the extraordinary commitment of AmeriCorps members and alums during 2012 AmeriCorps Week.

All the best,

John Gomperts Mary Strasser Kate Raftery
AmeriCorps Director, AmeriCorps VISTA Director, AmeriCorps NCCC


About ayrwaves

Currently an Ameri*Corps VISTA leader at AS220. I help with the support and coordination of over ten VISTAs at eight different non-profit organizations in the Providence, RI region.
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