Hello to All from Connecting for Children and Families Generations of Learning in Woonsocket

Hello everyone!  Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe today. Our Americorp group,  CCF/Generations of Learning,  is  very busy working at the Coleman Elementary School here in Woonsocket. We are working with young students who need extra help with their reading, math and English language skills. There are eight of us, one to each classroom.  It’s a win-win situation for both the students and the teachers, who also need our help to fulfill the objectives of differentiated instruction, that is, individualizing instruction as much as possible for each student. We are performing a very needed function in helping to maximize their educational opportunities. The students are very eager to learn,  they enjoy having us there, and we are enjoying working with them. The teachers are very happy that we are there too. We also work in the Afterschool Program at Coleman. All of us help the students with their homework, and some of us teach enrichment classes, such as sewing and yearbook club.  It’s very rewarding, and we all feel proud to be serving.  We are proud to have made the Americorp pledge.  We  enjoyed the Americorp Opening Day rally at the State House. It was interesting to learn about all the other groups out there and what they are doing.  The RI Afterschool  Alliance meeting at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet was great too.  There are many wonderful things happening in education here in RI due to Americorp.  But unless a person is involved with, or knows someone in Americorp, they probably haven’t heard about it. We should probably have more media exposure.

Next month we hope to be able to post some photos to share with everyone. Till then, all our best wishes to you and take care.

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