Inspiring Minds 2012-2013


This year at Inspiring Minds, we have 10 Americorp Members working in Providence Public Schools, as well as 3 VISTA’s in our office.  We wanted to share blurbs from some of our sites, to give readers an idea of what we do inside the classroom.

At Fogarty, we are currently working on ERI, My Sidewalks and Corrective Reading groups. We are proud to say that we are seeing positive gains and hope this trend continues. The students are putting in some great work and are great learners. As well as our teaching responsibilities we have joined the chronic absentee initiative that hinders student gains.

At Sackett school we are seeing gains in both math and reading. The Rocket Math curriculum is implemented to improve students fluency in basic math facts. Both Evan and Stephanie work with grade levels Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Along with their teaching duties they are involved with the staff SIT Team, after school art club and guitar group. Also, the Sackett team is part of the schools PBIS plan in which students are able to earn shark teeth to make jaws and choose to eat lunch with a teacher or staff member.

Young Woods
Here at Young Woods we just started intervention groups after NECAP testing. Alyssa is teaching an ERI, 4th grade Direct Instruction reading group and afternoon RAVO reading groups.  While Kendall is beginning 3-5th math groups. Also, we are the chairpersons for the school’s student council for 5th and 4th graders. In our last meeting we focused on team work and proper communication through an activity of cups and rubber bands with string.  Below is a photo from Young Woods Elementary:

Asa Messer
At Asa Messer we work with students from grades kindergarten through fifth in math and literacy. By working with students who are struggling, in a small group setting, we are able to make a real impact in their learning. It is exciting to see that even in the short time we have been working with students they have made gains. The start of the year has been great and we are expecting the coming months will be both fun and challenging.

As some of our members work in the schools and some in the Inspiring Minds office- we are excited to work together to make innovative changes in the Providence education conversations!

We would also like to remind everyone that Inspiring Minds will be having our biggest Winter Event coming up…this Friday!

For more info, check out our Facebook page, or find us at

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