Hello from the Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative 2012-13!

Hi all!
The Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative welcomed 16 new/returning service members to the 2012-13 term on September 10th. We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding year working with schools and programs from all over Rhode Island.

The Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative (OSEEC) is a strategic effort by Rhode Island’s leading environmental organizations to improve science proficiency and environmental literacy among students in the state’s urban core cities. AmeriCorps members with science and education degrees will teach environmental-based science in school, after school and in the field. Members introduce children to the natural environment and help cultivate environmentally- literate, active citizens.

Through this unique partnership, OSEEC’s AmeriCorps members teach thousands of underprivileged and underperforming students with no- and low-cost environmental education programs in schools and community afterschool programs. Since 2004, members have delivered 1,789 hands-on, field-based science programs, reaching 112,627 students in Rhode Island’s urban communities.

The four organizations that make up this collaborative are:
Audubon Society of Rhode Island
Norman Bird Sanctuary
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Save The Bay

OSEEC Members 2012-13

Want to know more about what each organization does? Keep reading!

Audubon Society of Rhode Island – Chloe and Ali are the AmeriCorps members at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, where they serve as environmental educators. This past month, they have been helping out with field-based programs at ASRI refuge sites and have begun teaching an afterschool program in Providence. They have also been practicing their animal handling by working with the snakes, cockroaches, turtles, and raptors that live at ASRI’s Headquarters and Environmental Education Center.

AmeriCorps members Ali and Carla helping out at Audubon’s annual Halloween Hike

Norman Bird Sanctuary – Danielle, Rachel, Jenn, and Sydney are the four AmeriCorps members at the Norman Bird Sanctuary. Members serve on the environmental education team, helping to lead multidisciplinary environmental education field trips, outreach visits, after-school programs, public programs, and camps. NBS is a leader in Rhode Island environmental education, providing inquiry-based science and nature programs to approximately 15,000 students annually. Participants from throughout Rhode Island take part in standards-based school programs, public workshops and classes, scout badge programs, ecotours, and summer and vacation camps. Education programs feature hands-on exploration of the Sanctuary’s forest, ridge, beach, and salt marsh habitats.

Roger Williams Park Zoo – Ann, Rachel, Sharon, Chrissy, and Vicki are the five AmeriCorps members at the Roger Williams Park Zoo. Three members serve on the education team, one member serves as the teen coordinator for the Zoo Crew program, and one member serves as the play partner coordinator for the Hasbro “Our Big back Yard” exhibit. The RWP Zoo’s school programs are aligned with Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations and Early Childhood Learning Standards. At the Zoo, a number of science-based formal education programs are offered to complement a field trip and the classroom curriculum. In the classroom, the Zoomobile carries the Zoo’s educational messages to over 300 schools and more than 55,000 children and teachers annually.            At RWP Zoo, they just wrapped up their month of Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular! On one Saturday evening in late October, we had over 10,000 visitors in a single night, which smashed every record previous to that night. All in all, we had over 100,000 people come through in October to see our pumpkins. It was a blast!

Save The Bay – Amanda, Alex, AnnaKate, Jenn, and Carla are the five AmeriCorps members at Save The Bay (STB). Three members serve on the education team at STB’s Bay Center in Providence. One member serves as an educator at STB’s Exploration Center in Newport and one member serves as an educator and coordinates outreach efforts in STB’s Westerly Office.
Each year, STB educators work with over 25,000 students, introducing them to Narragansett Bay aboard one of its educational vessels, along one of its coastal habitats or inside one of its education center classrooms. STB’s AmeriCorps members are directly involved with the education team and provide experiential learning programs to all grade levels in and out of the classroom.

Want to know more? Find us at www.oseec.org/ or check out this informative video made by two OSEEC members last year!

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