Small & Mighty: The Education Fellows

This August, new AmeriCorps teams across the state came together to start meaningful years of service.   Each Corps has unique responsibilities at their service sites, and each group is made up of hardworking, dedicated individuals.  The Learning Community Education Fellows team, however, stands out as being the smallest team in Rhode Island, with only four members representing the service site.

Our team is responsible for supporting social learning during lunch and recess.  Furthermore, we support academic enrichment through small group math work after school, reading and writing development via the school’s Just Words curriculum, and develop and teach our own electives to middle grades students.  We are constantly jumping from one project to the next, prepping for our next class, and meeting with teachers and the academic support team to strengthen our teaching skills.

 With only four of us, we manage to have a unique experience.  We work not only at the same site, but also in the same office day in and out.  We are able to spend a good deal of time together, reflecting on our hilarious encounters with the students, and advising each other about the difficult parts of our work.  When the times are tough, we can lean on our teammates for support and encouragement.  When times are great, we can celebrate our successes with our colleagues who are never more than a few steps away.   Whoever said power lies in numbers has not met the Learning Community Ed Fellows. Image

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