Meet the Ready to Learn Office Team!



AmeriCorps team working in the office R2LP we work directly with our community. This office provides help to work with family childcare providers in the home. They receive training in which we train, prepare them to provide better care for our children. That training class with credits ranging from college to training, various issues, to name a few: about nutrition, activities to do at home with the kids, arcade games and more. R2LP’s vision: All children will enter school in Providence healty and ready to learn. We also work with other non-profit institutions, which together with the help of Americorps volunteers, organize these conferences, from the administrative level, clean up, serve food, clean up after the event is over. Working in the office of R2LP also gives you the opportunity to directly help the 35 members that make this  progam  AmeriCorps, because in our home is that members meet weekly to receive training, talk about they are doing in the site where they are playing their AmeriCorps year and three members who are in office R2LP aid we give to our fellow AmeriCorps  when they need it. We also work closely with the director and assistant director of  Amricorps.


About avargasblog

This is my second year of AmeriCorps, I feel very proud to serve my community. I'm from Dominican Republic and I have lived in the United States for 19 years
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