The College Application Puzzle: Piecing Together the Bigger Picture

Happy December from the National College Advising Corps!

December has been a very busy month for College Advisers as we help students submit their applications to the colleges of their choice. Many of our students apply to the University of Rhode Island through the Talent Development Program – thus making their December application deadline one of the biggest deadlines of the year!

For those of you who might not know, the Talent Development program at the University of Rhode island is an alternate admissions program that seeks to help low income, first generation, and disadvantaged students in the college admissions process. Additionally, the talent development program provides additionally financial support, and strong academic support and advising to help students transition to college life. Due to the many resources this program has to offer, it is well known in the communities we serve.

While supporting students through the application process, it can be easy to get caught in the details. We are constantly trying to report information as accurately as possible by asking questions like, What activities have students participated in? Did the student report their SAT scores? What are the students current courses? Who are the student’s recommenders?  

However, it is important to also recognize that while going through the application process can be arduous – it provides a critical opportunity for students to be self reflective about themselves and their experiences. Writing a college essay may not seem easy – but that’s because it shouldn’t be! Regardless of what exactly the admissions outcomes are for our students, going through the admissions process itself allows students to meditate on themselves, and how they want their futures to take shape. 

 While advisers are in the trenches working through the nuts and bolts of completing college applications, I can also appreciate that beyond this work also provides a catalyst for growth among students.

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