OSEEC Outreach – Central Falls Program

The 16 members of OSEEC have had a busy January working in public elementary schools in Central Falls providing environmental education lessons to third grade students. Starting at the beginning of January and continuing into March, the four organizations that comprise OSEEC (Audubon Society of RI, Norman Bird Sanctuary, Roger Williams Park Zoo, and Save The Bay) have taught interactive lessons in the classrooms. After the 8-weeks of in-class lessons, each third grade class will take a field trip to all four sites during consecutive weeks.

The Central Falls program is in its third year. This year we have 233 students in both schools, which comprises all of the 3rd grade students in Central Falls public schools. Over the course of these 12 weeks, OSEEC delivers 120 programs both in the class and in the field. Each third grade student participates in 12 environmental education lessons and is exposed to a wide variety of topics. This unique program is taught entirely by AmeriCorps members and is possible because of the collaboration between OSEEC and the Central Falls school district. The lessons start on a broad environmental scale and become more specific and localized as the weeks progress. Topics taught include: biomes, ecosystems, habitats, adaptations, food webs, and live animal interactions!

Watch the video below for a look into what goes on in the classroom during the OSEEC Central Falls program!

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