FAFSA Season with the CAC

After the holidays every year, the College Advising Corps begins one of the most important college access seasons: FAFSA. For those who are not aware of FAFSA, this acronym stands for free application for federal student aid. This involves an occasionally grueling process of sorting through financial documents and filling out a long form that will hopefully give a student the resources necessary to attend the college or university they desire.

Currently our advisors are setting up for financial aid nights all month to meet federal and state deadlines beginning in March. This process is crucial for our students, considering most of them are first generation students who are most often in the low income brackets. Without this aid, many of the students we work with would not have access to higher education.

During the past several months almost every high school that the CAC is stationed at has received some form of FAFSA night, in which advisors have a significant influence and participation in. On multiple occasions advisors have volunteered for FAFSA nights in their colleague’s high school.

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