2nd Annual Winterfest


The Charter Corps put on their first community service event of the year.  We put on our 2nd annual Winterfest, this time it was held at Southside Recreation Center in Providence and was open to anyone from the community.  We advertised the event at our service sites, Highlander Charter School, Seque Institute for Learning, and International Charter School.  Our guests were able to partake in arts and crafts such as making winter scarves, face painting, and snowflake making.  We also had winter themed games such as real life Angry Birds, Twister, as well as a “snowball toss”.  The chefs of Charter Corps cooked up many different dishes that were free for everyone to enjoy.   We had a special guest snowman/woman come and play with the kids, which was fun to watch!  One of the highlights was that the Director of the West End said that he would love to work with us again.


 Image  Kids making their own scarves


Image Charter Corps’ very own Jill as the snowwoman!

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