Inspiring Minds AmeriCorps Member Profile

We interviewed one of our ten AmeriCorps Members that work in the Providence Elementary Schools to ask some questions about her day-to-day experiences!

Erin Kennally

What motivates you to keep doing your job?

“My job as an AmeriCorps Member at Fogarty Elementary can be hard sometimes, but it’s the small successes that keep me going.  Even if one of my students remembers how to sound out or word throughout the day, it’s a good day.  I continue to see these small successes in my students, and that makes it all worth it for me.”

Use four words to sum up your job as an AmeriCorps.

“Rewarding, challenging, un-predictable, exciting.”

What is a favorite Student story that you have?

“One story that comes to mind is with a 3rd grader who is an ELL student.  I had been working with her and four other of her classmates in a group for a while, and was getting frustrated in trying to keep her focused. Recently, I have spent some one on one time with this student, and the results I’ve seen are night and day.  She has made unbelievable improvement from the change to one on one support.  When she was in her group of friends, her progress was slow and fleeting, but now that I’ve got to know her on a more personal level, she can concentrate and make great progress.  This has been awesome to see.”

AmeriCorps Member, Erin Kennally

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