Why Serve with the Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative?

I asked fellow OSEEC member, Alexander Bishop, about his experiences over the past 6 months working at Save The Bay. Here is what he had to say:

Why do you serve?

I serve because I’ve always served people in my community and it’s an especially great opportunity when you move to a new area. It is very rewarding work and allows me to give back to many individuals. It’s also a great networking opportunity.

Describe your OSEEC year so far in one or two sentences:

My OSEEC year so far has been a great opportunity to work with two great organizations: the Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative and Save The Bay. And what better way to spent it than doing something I love…SCIENCE!

What motivates you at work?

The feeling of accomplishment – checking another thing off the list since I’m a very goal-oriented person. It’s the nature of the work, I’m always inspired by teaching those who are willing to listen and learn.

What is a great story or teachable moment you’ve had?

The other day in my Afterschool Program with The Learning Community, we did Lobster den building with our students. They were able to express themselves creatively through building and working with their group and learned about lobsters in the process!

Why is environmental education so important to you?

Because children are the future of our planet. Environmental education is all about getting kids outside and making them care about the outside world, because if they don’t care about it, they won’t want to protect it.

Below are some pictures showing what OSEEC has been up to over the past few weeks!


OSEEC members building paper bridges at a STEM training day

use 2

OSEEC member, Danielle, teaching in a Central Falls third grade class

use 3

OSEEC word wall in one of the Central Falls third grade classrooms

use 4

OSEEC member, Ali, teaching in a Central Falls third grade class

photo (52)

A donated rain barrel, painted by students during the Corkery House afterschool program

photo (58)

OSEEC member, AnnaKate, teaching during a PASA afterschool program

photo (40)

Central Falls High School students recording data for independent projects at Lonsdale Marsh in Lincoln

photo (59)

OSEEC training at the Caratunk Refuge for a pond and stream program…in the snow!

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