Serving at EBCAP

“Why do you serve?”

Everyone has a different answer to this question, a different motivation for giving our time and energy to serve our communities. Below are some of the responses from the AmeriCorps team at East Bay Community Action Program.

Tenial Howard, East Bay Coalition for the Homeless

I serve because I have the desire to do so. I like the idea of being able to provide a resource and/or service to someone in need, knowing that my efforts will make a significant difference to the person or people I help. I serve because I am gifted with the time and opportunity to do so.  Most importantly, I serve because as a member of the family of Christ, I know it is my responsibility as an able-bodied person to help my impoverished brothers and sisters. I serve because I am blessed with the health, time, and opportunity to do so; it is a lifestyle.

Jennifer Hak, Safety Net

I serve because it makes a difference in the community, and it’s a chance to give back to the community.  It’s a good chance to learn a new skill and apply it to help others. 

Chris Markowski, Newport Family and Child Opportunity Zone 

I serve because I have formed a new relationship with new colleagues and friends in my town. These relationships have allowed me to establish a relationship with the communities and neighborhoods where I live. I have invested in these relationships which have in turn spurred me to invest in my town and the services we provide. I serve because I have a natural inclination to do so, but I can tire of it if I don’t feel personally attached to a cause or the people I work with or work for. In my position in Newport I have established very meaningful relationships with both people and larger causes and as a result I now serve for many more reasons than I did last September.

Spencer Lauble, Retired Senior Volunteer Program

I’m serving because I want to be able to serve without it feeling like an inconvenience, or a means to an end. I’m serving because it’s great experience and I benefit from it, while being able to still help people and make their lives easier. And lastly, the more obvious reason, I serve because it DOES help people.

Joseph Depasquale, Retired Senior Volunteer Program

I serve because I can.  If we were to sit back and have the attitude that “some else will do it” it will never get done.  I try to attach this motto to everything I do.  If we can help out others and be part of a team that makes it all the better.   My VITA tax work is making a positive impact on every person that I do a tax return for.  We do not charge them, and they are able to add to their return the cost savings that a paid preparer would charge them.  The training I have received is an added bonus to my service, and every day I am happy to show up and help others. I am lucky to be part of a good team and enjoy my time with them.  Every day is a challenge and I am up to it.

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