I sat down with cheerful Megan Beauregard and asked why she decided to work for the Providence Children’s Museum as an Americorps member.

“I started as a work study play guide and fell in love with the museum and the kids. I love the atmosphere; the open and free people. The place never feels like a work place. Everyday I learn something new from the children. I love working with the kids. Today a four year old imagined that a ball was a porcupine with a cape and magical abilities.”

Megan has lived in Pawtucket her whole life and reported that, “Working with children in Pawtucket, central falls, and Providence has made me feel more connected to the kids in my own community of Pawtucket.”

Service really is amazing. It brings our hearts closer.


About balsen2012

My name is Alex. I am an Americorps member at the Providence Children's Museum. It is an honor to serve the community on our 12 person team.
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