Generations of Learning, Woonsocket, RI

Parent showcase March 2013 001Parent showcase March 2013 013Parent showcase March 2013 012Parent showcase March 2013 011Parent showcase March 2013 010Parent showcase March 2013 009Parent showcase March 2013 008Parent showcase March 2013 007Parent showcase March 2013 005Parent showcase March 2013 005Parent showcase March 2013 004March, 2013

Hello everyone! We recently had our second Parent Showcase for the Afterschool Program on March 11 here at Coleman Elementary School.  The school’s Cafeteria/ Auditorium was nicely decorated in shades of green (for St. Patrick’s Day, of course!) and all the students’ projects were displayed for their parents and other family members and friends to see.  There were displays for our Jewelry Class, Kids’ Press (the student newspaper), the Yearbook Club, and other classes. Student groups who were in music and singing classes performed for the group. Refreshments were served after the show, and a good time was had by all.

To answer the question why do I (we) serve? : The answer is obvious: we just love to help our students do all this great work!  It’s the most fun thing of all.  See the photos of the show and share the joy along with us.

We hope everyone out there is doing well and till next time, take care.

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