Why I Serve–Thoughts from Roger Williams Middle School

Patrick Amarante--City Year Corps Member on the Hasbro Team Serving at Roger Williams Middle School

Patrick Amarante–City Year Corps Member on the Hasbro Team Serving at Roger Williams Middle School

As a child I did not aspire for a life of service- indeed, as many other children, I wished to be a professional athlete, or obtain some level of recognition within society similar to a Celebrity. More recently, upon entering college, I decided that I wanted to be a filmmaker; as an 18 year old boy, I had only California in my eyes. Then, I would have never imagined that I would do a program like City Year; in fact it was the antithesis of what I believed I wanted out of life.

I learned of empathy through a wordless suggestion from someone I cared about deeply, but have now lost touch with, and a smile from someone who shouldn’t have been smiling.

I found service through a series of instances and actions bred from the chaos of growing up- but that is not why I serve.

I do not serve because I have given up on my dreams, but because I now realize that my best dreams are the dreams that involve the most good I can do in the world.

This year, the ocean of my dreams has been fed by a river of promise, which draws its water from the potential of others- namely, the students that I see every day.

I serve because I see a sixth grader, who comes from a home so broken that coming to school is a feat in itself, smile when I read the stories he writes.

I serve because he, and many other students I work with, does not have anyone at home to believe in them like I did growing up.

I serve because the inspiration I get from the people I have met energizes me in spite of the sleep I have lost.

Thank you to Patrick Amarante from the Hasbro Team serving at Roger Williams Middle School for contributing this month’s post.

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