Generations of Learning, Woonsocket, RI

ICC Member Profiles:

Carol Thomas

Carol is a teacher by profession. Before coming to Generations of Learning, she taught at St. Mary’s Home for Children, a private residential facility for children in state and foster care, many of whom were victims of neglect/and or abuse.  She taught science to middle and high school level girls. Previous to this, she was a substitute teacher in the Exeter-West Greenwich School District. During this time, she worked with every grade level, from pre-K to high school.  She is a graduate of Rhode Island College (B.A. Secondary Ed./Biology and General Science) and Lesley University, Boston, MA. (M.Ed. Special Education).  Before her teaching career, she worked for a number of years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist, training on the job at the State of RI’s hospital facility in Cranston, RI, then working in two different doctors’ offices and Rhode Island Hospital. Her first love was always teaching, and her desire to teach goes all the way back to age six.

Her hobbies include sewing, crochet, and other crafts. Her  favorite subject in school beside science was history, and nowadays, she loves reading historical novels and watching historical movies and TV shows (The Tudors, Downton Abbey, etc.) She would love to join a historical  reanactment group at some time in the future.  She is just too busy right now!

She lives with her husband, college age son, and two really cute cats. Her daughter is on her own and recently got married. No grandchildren yet, but who knows!

Carol Brown

Carol worked for the State of RI as a social worker for many years. She worked as a DCYF caseworker, and worked closely with many, many children and their families over the years.

Previous to this, she worked for the University of RI as a nutrition educator. Her job involved reaching out to many families with young children in the community and teaching them about health and healthy eating.

She is a graduate of URI, and holds a bachelors’ degree in Social Work. For hobbies, she likes to work in her garden and on her house. She enjoys nature and feeding the birds. She is the mother of a grown son with two kids of his own.






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