Inspiring Minds Advice to Future VISTA Members

Advice to Future VISTA Members:

  1. Be a self-starter.

Don’t wait for projects to come to you.  If you have an idea and it doesn’t take away from your mandatory or time-sensitive work, go for it.  Most ideas need to go through a cycle of “drafts” to realize their full potential, so start thinking and planning when you can.

  1.  Keep communication within your office.

“CC” as many people who are even the slightest bit involved in your projects and let everyone know what you’re up to.

  1.  Take break and change your scenery every once in a while.
  2. Be involved in projects you are passionate about.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try and push the envelope on projects that would benefit from progressive creativity.
  4. Don’t look at your job as a 9-5 gig.

As a VISTA, there will be times when you need to stay late or plan on the weekend.  If you look at your job in an hourly kind of way, you’re going to get frustrated- so look at your VISTA position as a flexible 24/7 year of service.

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