College Advising Corps- Decision day

On April 30th the College Advising Corps hosted two large scale decision day ceremonies at Hope High School and Dr. Jorge Alvarez high school. The purpose of decision day is to create a school-wide awareness of the hard work that has been completed by the CAC member, the students, teachers and administration. On both occasions, the CAC member had the opportunity to celebrate the successes of the student body in front of community members, parents and the rest of the school.

The decision day ceremony at Alvarez began with comments from principal Jesse Rivers, Mayor Angel Taveras and Brown University President Christina Paxson. Decontee Roberts, a senior at Dr. Jorge Alvarez delivered a speech that morning about the support she received from Julio Reyes, a fellow college guide. She also spoke about her dedication to her studies and the value she placed on education because of the sacrifices her family made by migrating to the U.S. from Liberia. The celebration ended with Reyes congratulating students by having them stand after calling out the colleges where they were accepted. Some of the colleges named were Bryant University, Rhode Island College, University of Rhode Island and Clark University.

Likewise at Hope High School, the decision day event was hosted by Donnie Taveras. At the podium presented three seniors including Oscar Gonzalez who was accepted to Stonehill College, Anta Touray who will be attending Barnard College and Kanyinsola Adedeji who will be attending Providence College in the fall. Angela Romans, the education advisor to the mayor spoke briefly about her experiences going to college and her decision to change her career from engineering to education. To conclude the event, Principal Tamara Sterling read a poem to the class of 2013 about never giving up. After all of the speeches, students chatted outside of the auditorium after getting light refreshments.

Decision day ceremonies are a common tradition as a part of the college advising corps. It allows the members in the school to celebrate those who will be changing their lives by going to a college or university. It also helps to promote a college going disposition by showing younger students that the upperclassmen have been applying to colleges and getting accepted. It also allows the college guide to celebrate all the hard work that students have achieved in the past year.


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