Generations of Learning, Woonsocket, RI

May 2013

Hello Everyone,

We have just held our third (and final for the school year) Parent Showcase here at the Coleman elementary school in Woonsocket, RI.  We had displays for the Fun With Fabric (sewing) class, Kids’ Press (the school newsletter) and the Jewelry Making class.  Some new arts, crafts, and projects were introduced during this third eight week segment of the Coleman after school program, including the making of decorative masks and solar powered model cars.  Live performances were put on by the Chorus class and the Rhythm Room class.  Refreshments were served after the show.  As always, we’re impressed by what our students have been able to achieve, both in this program and in the classroom, and we’re glad to have been part of it, and to have been a positive influence for them.

Tiil next time, take care.

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