A Simple and Fun Lesson

I am still thinking about yesterday’s learning club. Alexandra presented a lesson about simple machines to a class of fourth graders. After discussing inclined planes, pulleys, and wedges, the children explored the tools at different “simple machine stations.” The inclined plane table held a plank, balancing block, and a variety of balls. The kids excitedly explored a variety of inclines and its consequences on rolling balls. It was a joy to see how much fun they found with a simple set up.

At the end of the lesson I showed them a heavy object and a light one. I asked which, “will fall faster?” They argued about the potential outcomes and were astonished when they saw them fall at the same rate. It was a pleasure to experience play mixed with concrete learning. 


About balsen2012

My name is Alex. I am an Americorps member at the Providence Children's Museum. It is an honor to serve the community on our 12 person team.
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