College Advising Corps: End of the Year Reflection

Last Friday, I sat in an auditorium among members of the school community and family members to watch a senior graduation. As I witnessed seniors walking across the stage to receive their diplomas, I felt so humbled to be able to witness these young adults making a huge transition in their lives.  

It’s still bizarre to me that my first year of service as a college adviser has come to a conclusion. Many of my students are at college orientation and about to delve into summer programs, while others are eagerly awaiting their first day of class. 

My work as a college adviser has challenged me both professionally and personally, and I have grown in so many areas of my life. I have made meaningful relationships with students and colleagues which pushed me to  strive to fulfill my role to the best of my ability. 

If I could offer any advice to incoming Americorps members, it would be to be earnest, work hard, and remain resilient. Challenges and mistakes are inevitable during your term of service, so treat the lessons that you have learned as new tools that may or may not have been painfully earned. Find mentors and individuals who support you, so you can better support those that you serve. Prioritize building rapport with those in your community, and listen twice as much as you speak. Among all other things, express your gratitude to those who have helped you – because no one arrives at their destination alone. 

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