Generations of Learning, Woonsocket, RI

Hello everyone,

Well, the school year here at Coleman Elementary School is winding down.  We had our field day last week at Dunn Park in Woonsocket, and the entire school attended.  The students enjoyed a great variety of outdoor games and a barbecue.  It was a great outdoor day, with perfect weather.

Various classes are going on field trips this week.  Our third grade classes visited the Roger Williams Park Museum and Planetarium on Monday. The students all had a good time.

The last day of school at Coleman is June 19th.  However, our Americorp year is far from over yet.  Between the last day of school and July 8th, we will be preparing for our CCF K-2 summer program, Project Discovery, which will run between July 8th and August 16th. We will be located at the Hamlet Middle School in Woonsocket.  Our last Americorp day is August 16th.

It has been an eventful year, with ups, downs, and some unexpected twists and turns, but we’ve made it to the home stretch. Summer will be a lot more relaxed, to be sure.

Our members have a variety of post-Americorp paths that they will be taking. Some of us will be pursuing substitute teaching, at least one, graduate school, one member is interested in doing a ViSTA program, and some will go back to retirement or to take care of family.  It’s all good. I think we’ll keep in touch, and years from now, probably reminicse about our year in Americorp.

We hope everyone will have a happy and healthy summer, and good luck to you all in your future endeavours!


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