Advice for future corps members

Dear Beginning of the Year Charter Corps Members – 

This year seems a little bit intimidating, doesn’t it? You have probably submitted your first time sheet, and when it was approved, you still have 1660 hours to do. Will you ever get it done?
Let me tell you: you will! And not only will you, but at some point, probably around the middle of April, you realize that the time is flying by far too quickly. You will look at your students and realize that you only have 2 more months with them, and then 1, and then you are counting the days until you see them move on to the next grade, into their new lives, and wishing that time would slow the heck down!
So, here is the one piece of advice that I want, and need, to give you as you embark on your year of service: enjoy every moment of those 1700 hours! When it comes to the end, make sure that you have a lot of positive memories to look back on and enjoy. The kids will grow up and move on, you will grow as well, and you need, more than anything, to make wonderful memories for both of you to take with you on your journey.
So, slow down now, enjoy yourself, and try to live fully in every hour of your service, 
Good Luck, 
End-Of-Year Charter Corps Team
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