Greetings from Rhode Island Campus Compact VISTAs

Hey Everyone!

Rhode Island Campus Compact just had our 2nd meeting this year and it was great! We decided to make it fun by having a Pumpkin Decorating Competition.  We found out that our VISTAs are very competitive as well as very creative. With what limited amount of materials they were given, they managed to make some classics and originals.

Here are the winners!!

IMG_20131016_140214_692Left to Right: Leann Heath, College Unbound Recruitment Coordinator and Kari Hardgrove, Rhode Island Campus Compact VISTA

So far we are having a great start to what is going to be a wonderful year. I hope to take you on our journey!

Here are more pictures for you to enjoy!

IMG_1643 IMG_20131016_140050_106 IMG_20131016_140105_156WickedWitch         IMG_20131016_140121_774PumpkinWest

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