Reflection on the Shutdown

Even though the AS220 VISTAs were not effected by the government shutdown, I wanted to take a moment to briefly reflect on the shutdown. Without getting political, it certainly was frustrating to see what was happening but as with anything; I think that it is important to look at the silver lining.  I was sent an e-mail from a fellow VISTA leader in Washington state that expressed concern and reached out asking for some advice and letting us know that she would be making individual phone calls to VISTAs to provide them with support. She also included a link to an article which explained how you could organize support for VISTAs in your area through the support of local congregations. I was certainly glad to see the Community Conversation take place this past Tuesday and was very happy to see both the Capital Good Fund and Tri-Town Community Action Agency ready and able to offer their support as well.

I think that whether it be a natural or man made disaster, economic crisis or even something like this, it really magnifies the importance of mobilizing community to provide support. It’s very likely that there will always be those that are “less fortunate” or negatively affected by something that is out of their control. So for those that aren’t–rallying around them and providing them with resources and support can be crucial. I hope that we can all take this out into our professional and personal lives by continuing to organize people for the greater good!

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