Goings on @ AS220

Managing a large VISTA project like AS220 means a lot of planning. We are always on the lookout for events, trainings, and opportunities for our VISTAs. AS220 is very lucky to have such a wide range of opportunities right under its nose! We have such a wide range of expertise and knowledge among staff here that I try my best to take advantage of already existing resources. This month, we will have our November Monthly meeting with presentations from both our Managing Director and Development Director. They will cover the expansive topics of both grant writing/management and just how AS220 works (managing properties and financial details) respectively.

Our youth studio provides access to staff that are very knowledgeable about how to work with disadvantaged youth in positive ways and different spaces allow us to book time for special events (Booking @ 95 Empire or 115 Empire) or invite VISTAs to attend a yoga class for example (Classes @ AS220). So I encourage all of you to take a look at the resources that are at your own organizations and the talent/expertise that is right there for you to tap into. I know that sometimes I have started thinking about going outside of AS220 for something when I didn’t even realize there was the same potential for an opportunity right here within our own community!

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