All the Haps at R2LP…

October and November were and are busy months at Ready to Learn Providence. We have co-hosted events, such as “The Power of a Healthy Community,” an event we hosted with the City of Providence and Angel Taveras. At the event more than 300 child-care providers, families and children moved, danced and played and some two dozen organizations were there with health-related resources and information. New initiatives are also being launched, including “Ready for K!,” a program developed with the Providence Community Library that will 400 Providence kids who have never attended an early-education program get ready for kindergarten. Finally, the first professional development course for our first year members concluded this week. Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Skills was a course designed to give first year members an introduction to the field of early childhood education. These new members will be the first of many who Ready to Learn will be training in this new 16-hour course, thanks to a partnership with the Providence Public Schools. The photo is of the first year members celebrating their successful completion of the course! 964307_10153517934235089_1080659001_o

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