Hello from the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence

Hello all,

We have a 16 person AmeriCorps team at the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence (ISPN). Our mission is to teach, by word and example, the principles and practices of nonviolence, and to foster a community that addresses potentially violent situations with nonviolent solutions. We work to build Dr. King’s ideal of the nonviolent Beloved Community.

The AmeriCorps team is divided into two teams; the building team and the training team. The building team consists of a GED program, an employment program, and victim services. The GED team consists of 4 AmeriCorps members who teach a GED program and work as case managers for students. The employment team consists of 3 AmeriCorps members who help people build their resumes, give them job readiness skills, and help them find jobs (especially crucial for clients with records). The victim services team consists of 1 AmeriCorps member who works with living victims of violence, connecting them with victim’s compensation which will provide them with medical expenses counseling and whatever else they may need.

The training team consists of 8 AmeriCorps members. Six members are placed in public schools and work as nonviolence trainers and programmers (4 in elementary schools and 2 in a high school). The final two AmeriCorps members work as nonviolence programmers and trainers for the community, libraries, and Rhode Island training school.

We are having a great year so far and have been learning a lot about how we work as individuals and as a team. We are looking forward to seeing how our year progresses as a team at the ISPN.

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