Every two weeks, OSEEC members will meet on a Friday for an OSEEC Day. Usually Isaac uses these hours to catch up, check in, and offer some Professional Development  opportunities. On November 15th, OSEEC members were enrolled in a Project Wet/Growing Up Wild Workshop hosted by Save the Bay employees. The workshop hosts guided us through different activities which will help us connect children to nature while using developmentally and culturally inclusive/appropriate practices.

During one activity about evolution and adaptation, two OSEEC members were timed for how long it took them to tie their shoes without their opposable thumbs. 

In another activity, we were separated into groups, given paints, a large piece of butcher paper, and asked to draw what we felt Narragansett Bay meant to us. The groups were also able to utilize materials from the actual bay since the Bay Center is right on the water.
IMG_1433My group was given fluorescent markers to draw our bay, so we drew what we thought Lisa Frank’s interpretation of it might be. If you don’t know who Lisa Frank is, check out any early-90s elementary school student’s folder-art.At the end of the workshop, we all received two text books with tons of lesson plans and short activities we can do with students and a certificate for completing the workshop. This training was a great example of the Professional Development and resume building programs that AmeriCorps has to offer.

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