What’s happening within the College Advising Corps

College Night at Woonsocket High School!

            Over the past few months our main goal was to meet with students one on one to build relationships while at the same time planning and organizing events that would benefit a larger population of the school. College Night was an event that was planned to inform students and parents about the college application process. This process can be very difficult when you only know so little about it.

A little summary of the, who, what, where, why.

Who: We invited primarily students and invited parents to be a part of this event because they are as involved in the college process.

What: College Night is an informative event that allows for students and parents to ask questions about the college application process. A power point is displayed with every step of the way.

Where: The event was held in the high school’s auditorium.

Why: This event is held every year because a lot of the students think the college process is easy but at times they are just misinformed. With this event in place we are able to explain more aspects of the college application process in detail.

The event was very successful as we had about 45 students with their families. A lot of questions were asked, and the families found it informative. After the College Night, parents have been reaching out to me to ask questions about the process and how they could be involved in their student’s journey.

College Application Week at Shea High School

During the week of November 18th through November 22nd, the College Planning Center, Shea High School Guidance Staff and the National College Advising Corps partnered up to organize and execute the 2nd annual College Application Week at Shea High School in Pawtucket, RI. Our objective for the week was to have 100% of our seniors to apply to at least one college or university. We had each of our seven senior advisory classes go into a computer lab during advisory period to start and complete a college application. Many of the applications that were completed and submitted an application were sent to the Community College of Rhode Island. With the help of our guidance staff, our College Advisor, the College Planning Center staff and volunteers from Bank of America, we were able to help about 80% of our seniors to submit a college application within that time frame.

shea 223

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