City Year: Going 25 Years Strong

What is City Year?

City Year is an education focused nonprofit organization that brings thousands of 18-24 year olds to urban communities at 25 sites nationally for a year of full time service working with students from 3rd to 9th grade. Providence is one of those urban communities and City Year Rhode Island’s corps is in four schools in Providence to help keep those students in school and on track to graduation. We proudly serve at Gilbert Stuart Middle School, Roger Williams Middle School, DelSesto Middle School and Pleasant View Elementary School.

As tutors, mentors and role models, corps members are uniquely able to help students and schools succeed through academic support, positive behavior encouragement and community and school improvements. Our strategy is based on research from John Hopkins University, which has shown that there are three early warning indicators that strongly influence graduation rate: poor attendance, disruptive behavior and course failure in math and ELA classes.

Day in the Life: 

At City Year Rhode Island our corps members start their day at 7:30 AM at their schools. We start with some City Year culture, which includes standing in a circle, checking for readiness, greeting each other, sharing positive stories and ending with important information or announcements for the day. We then run morning programs with our students, which vary at each school. Our morning programs encourage students to get to school early, to help increase attendance and prevent tardiness. When school starts we go to class just like our students, providing in class academic support and tutoring. Each corps member works with 1-2 teachers and 15-20 students throughout the day. When school gets out we stick around and work on school culture improvement, like school wide events and after school programs. We end our day at 5:30 PM in another circle reflecting on the day and ending again with important information or announcements.

Happy Anniversary City Year and AmeriCorps! 

City Year celebrated its 25th anniversary this year! City Year has grown and changed and influenced the lives of 17,000 corps members who have in turn influenced the lives of over 1 million elementary, middle and high school students across the nation. For more information about city year, check out To learn more about our schools and the work we’ve done in Providence check out our Rhode Island site.

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