PCM HeadStart Team Highlight

November has been a busy month at the Museum for all of our AmeriCorps—especially for our Head Start team! This group of four AmeriCorps serves children in Head Start centers in the Providence area. They connect with classrooms four times throughout the year. Their first visit to the classrooms is essentially a mini-rally to get the children excited for their field trip to PCM, which follows a week later. The ACs introduce the children to the Museum through a storybook about the dragon that lives on our roof, and by giving the children an opportunity to play with some exhibit components from the Museum: hardhats, trucks and rocks, magnet blocks and much more.


“It’s so fun to interact with the kids (when they are at the Museum on the field trip)—it’s great when they remember your name or something from the story you read them. Some of them ask questions about Tortellini [the Museum’s tortoise] when they arrive for their field trip,” said Head Start team member Amanda.

In January the Head Start team will begin their classroom activities, centered around diversity. “I’m really excited to see the children start to understand diversity through our activities.  It’s a big topic to present; it’s going to be really interesting to introduce these concepts to three-year-olds,” said Amanda. Team member Vanessa said she’s excited to learn about planning a lesson from start to finish, and watching it evolve.


Aside from all of the great work the team has been doing for their visits, they’ve also been busy preparing and hosting a Family Night—an opportunity for every child they’ve served to visit the Museum for free, have a healthy dinner and sign up for a complementary one-year membership. This event is truly a team effort, from securing food donations to writing letters, publicizing the event to transforming our Assembly Space into a buffet-style “restaurant”. Over three-hundred and fifty children and family members from four Head Start centers visited the Museum this past Wednesday for Family Night. A good time was had by all. “Being able to talk to the families of the children we serve and hearing how much they appreciate what we’re doing really shed light on our impact—it’s a good feeling,” said Vanessa.

Congratulations to the Head Start team for a successful evening and all of the important work they are doing!


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