Day of Joy

Here at Serve Rhode Island we are wrapping up our involvement with Hasbro’s first annual “Global Day of Joy”–a company-wide day of community service for Hasbro employees. Day of Joy activities ranged from employees preparing and delivering thousands of packages of macaroni and cheese to food banks and schools, to playing Santa Claus and delivering Hasbro toys/games to hundreds of kids in Rhode Island cities! 

One team of Hasbro volunteers also worked with over 100 students at Goff Junior High School in Pawtucket to create a “tape art” temporary public art display.

Tape art at Goff Junior High School (Pawtucket, RI)

Tape art at Goff Junior High School (Pawtucket, RI)

Organized and managed by SRI VISTAs Julissa and Maya, students and volunteers used painter’s tape to decorate the hallways with murals depicting wintry scenes. The goal of Tape Art (a national arts project) is to “create large-scale public works that reveal the indispensable role art plays in our daily lives and empowers participants to extend the benefits of collaborative art-making to their personal and professional practices.”

The holiday season, particularly Christmas, sees a surge in decorated public and private places to enhance holiday spirit. Twinkling lights, velvety bows, aromatic Christmas trees filled with colorful ornaments…everywhere we look our eyes are greeted with a glittering image that reminds us of the season. Sometimes though, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the frenzy of decorating, forgetting the deeper meanings behind the ornaments, lights, and garland.

Season's Greetings from SRI, Hasbro, and Goff Jr. High!

Season’s Greetings from SRI, Hasbro, and Goff Jr. High!

Like the festive tape art project, decorating for the holidays is an opportunity to let your creativity tell the story of the holidays, while also spending time with loved ones, co-workers, or even complete strangers to spread holiday joy. If you’re celebrating a holiday this winter season, we hope you can find ways to get creative and share the joy of decorating with the people you care about. Happy Holidays, from your Serve Rhode Island VISTA team!

[To read more about the Global Day of Joy activities in Rhode Island, see this ABC6 news story.]


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