The Learning Community: All eyes on Miss Nina!


My name is Nina and I am on the Math team here at The Learning Community.

Winter is upon us here, which means a lot of indoor recess. Being indoors has encouraged us Ed-Fellows to double up on our creativity. Luckily, the PE teachers have shared with us, during a professional development meeting, a variety of new and exciting games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors Evolution and Men in Black.These games have helped students become active and energetic safely indoors.

As the holiday season approaches you can see excitement on the faces of Kindergartners and 8th graders alike. Although the discussion of holidays is scarce between teachers and students there is an unspoken language of eagerness and enthusiasm for the break.

My typical day at The Learning Community consists of greeting middle graders as they walk up the stairs in the mornings. Then, I sign in students who arrive late. Recently, my team has started working with ICS- The International Charter School. At this school we work on supporting individual students in K, 3rd and 5th grade.

At The Learning Community, I facilitate K/1st grade and the 4th/5th grade recess. This gives me a chance to get to know the kids outside of an academic setting as well as develop engaging activities for students.

After lunch, the math team leads first grade intervention groups. During this 25 minutes block I work with two groups of two students to build a more solid counting foundation and help them develop their number sense. After school, the rest of the Math Team and I  work with various grades in skills groups. These groups offer students the opportunity to practice math skills that are challenging. This is challenging because the last thing most students want to do after school is to sit quietly and learn more. However, we are creative in finding ways to engage our students and make skills groups enjoyable for them. I always look forward to learning more about the students I work with during this period of time.

It is through the students that I learn the most about myself. This experience is teaching me a great deal about myself and what I want to do in the future.

Kindergarten recess gets me moving!

Kindergarten recess gets me moving!

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