Holidays at PCM

The Children’s Museum is gearing up for another exciting holiday season! We’ve been kicking off the fun with our staff talk-back board, with prompts like:

-What are you thankful for?

-It’s Artsgiving: draw something!

-What’s your favorite cold-weather activity?

-Snow’s on its way; are you excited or not?

-What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

(Photos to follow below!)

We celebrated the season last week at an Under the Sea Holiday Party, where everyone brought a delicious potluck dish to share, and many staff members performed in a No-Talent Show! We saw everything from stand-up comedy to (talented and otherwise) musical performances, from a “cooking” demonstration to a performance art piece by one of our AmeriCorps members. The Holiday Party Committee wrapped up the evening with a make-your-own-ornament craft and a special appearance by Santa.

The larger Museum community has been giving back this season by “adopting” a family who recently lost most of their material possessions in a house fire. Many staff members contributed gifts and donations, as well as some time for gift wrapping.

All of the AmeriCorps and volunteers who facilitate play experiences in the Museum’s exhibits are resting up for what’s going to be a busy season—vacation week at PCM! We’re expecting up to 1,000 visitors per day during this time, and we’ve got a lot of exciting programs to look forward to, including a visit from Sparky’s Puppets, the kid’s rock band Rolie Polie Guacamole and an interactive musical performance called The Rhythm Room. Check out our calendar here:

A few thoughts about our service work during the holidays:

“The holidays make me more conscious of what it means to give and in turn makes me appreciate the work we do on a daily basis.” –Ashley, Museum Club team

“I love the holidays because I get to give back to the people who give to me.” –Amanda, Head Start team

Happy Holidays!


The Providence Children’s Museum 2013-14 AC Team

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