December Progress/ 30 Day Challenge

For the month on December, 2013, we have had a great month. Thing currently are slowing down since we have already sent out confirmations towards oil accounts so the rest of the individuals are sparingly. At Tri-town we were able to help families for the holidays by giving out food baskets and running toy drives. We are still running the food bank and SNAP applications every week.
As far as our financial stability workshop, things are looking great! Assessments are being done daily and workshops are being preformed weekly. We are on target to meet our goals and everyone is so positive about the work being done. My supervisors are so encouraging and have provided me with guidance every step of the way on this journey. Our AmeriCorps meetings every week help with keeping up to date with one another since we have two locations. We exchange stories along with the assessment/workshop process. The meetings also allow for personal development.

My 30 Day Challenge will be to have read one piece of literature every day. It does not matter what the piece is, as long as I keep up the progress and continue building my vocabulary. My first objective is to read “And The Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hossani.

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