Resolutions for My Service

I’m big on New Year’s Resolutions. Like really big. And as the New Year really warms up (both literally and metaphorically…I mean it is 50 degrees today!) I hope to recommit to my service in some serious ways. The first is to reflect more on why I serve. I am grateful that Justice Talks is approaching which allows for this meaningful reflection in a group supported environment. It also encourages reflection outside of the JT sessions. It makes me think about how I engage with those that I serve and how I can do so in a more conscientious and thoughtful way. My second resolution is to bring my best self to work every day. I want to leave my personal baggage at the door. Everyone gets sick, doesn’t get enough sleep and needs more “me” time. But the work we are doing is important and I need to bring the best version of myself to that work that I can. Finally, I want to commit to be more purposeful in my time outside of work. To be aware of the world around me other than my limited sphere of experience. I think that this will enhance my service because it will give me a broader context in which to reflect on it. It will also enhance my interactions with others, especially the children whom I serve. I want to be more intentional about the world views that I am sharing with these young impressionable minds. We have incredible influence. It is my resolution to recognize it and treat it like the great responsibility that it is.

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