New Year, New Challenges

It’s a new year and with a new year comes new challenges. I don’t make new year’s resolutions anymore, I never keep them but I do make challenges for myself. I love a good challenge especially when I know that I can actually achieve it. This will be my last year as an AmeriCorps VISTA and I plan to make it one of the best experiences of my life. I want to try to leave something behind or change something that will stand out. That is my challenge this year in my last year of service. I want to make a real difference in my year of service.

Also, I would like to start challenging my cohort to different challenges. I think it would be great for them to push themselves and make their VISTA year AWESOME! I think that some VISTAs don’t challenge themselves enough. Some just stick to their VADs but this year is about growing and trying to experience new things. The best way to do that is by challenging yourself. S0 this year I will challenge them to challenge themselves.

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