New Year’s Resolutions?

Oh, New Year’s Resolutions… How many of you have I made in my lifetime? Probably hundreds. How many of you have lasted through January’s bitter coldness into the spring thaw? Definitely none. Unfortunately, I am the worst Resolutionary. But, this year… maybe things will be different! (Considering I’m recording them in a public forum.)

I recently have become a co-facilitator for Justice Talks, and while this is more of a “lifelong goal” than “New Year’s Resolution,” I’ve always hoped to become more outspoken and comfortable with sharing and exchanging ideas in large groups. I’m hoping that the Justice Talks will force me to find that comfort and it will stay with me through the spring, and hopefully the rest of my life. And, importantly, I’m hoping that it will help me be a better AmeriCorps volunteer for the people I serve and work with every day.

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