Planning City Year’s Resolutions

We are five months into our service at City Year and we are working on staying positive and pushing forward to be as productive and impactful as ever. Recently at Gilbert Stuart we had a big community engagement event called the MLK Beloved Community Potluck and we thought it was very successful with approximately 200 attendees.  But of course there were many things we felt it could have been done better. So we decided that one of our New Year’s resolutions is to improve our preparation and event planning skills.

As a team we are already gearing up for Valentine’s Day, the day before February vacation. We have multiple events that require all hands on deck!

  1. Teacher and Staff Appreciation Breakfast: Before school we hold a breakfast for all teachers and staff where we show our gratitude for all the support they give to city year and to the students at Gilbert Stuart Middle School.
  2. Perfect Attendance Breakfast: During the first period of the day city year is hosting a waffle breakfast in cafeteria for all the students that had perfect attendance for the month of January. For the breakfast city year will be dressing up in chefs’ hats and serving waffles with different toppings.
  3. Improved Attendance Waffle Breakfast: During the second period of the day city year will be hosting another breakfast for the students that we specifically work with on attendance. Only the students that have improved their attendance will be invited to this special breakfast.  We will have the same basic set up as the perfect attendance breakfast but there will be a little extra pizzazz to make it special for the students.
  4. Valentine’s Day Grams: Gilbert Stuart Middle School’s Student Government will be passing out Valentine’s Day grams during the remainder of the day to students that have signed up and paid for them.  We are using these “Grams” as a fundraiser for the Student Government and a fun way to celebrate the holiday.  The Valentine’s Day grams will be accompanied by carnations or heart themed school supplies.
  5. Math Pizza Party: During advisory, the last block of the day we are hosting a pizza party for a select group of students that we work with in math classes. These students all set goals related to math and their standardized STAR testing scores.  Those that reach their goals by February 14th will be invited to the celebration!

It is going to be one busy day for us so in order for it to run smoothly we have already done a lot of planning, but have much more ahead! Happy New Year!

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