Keep The Momentum Going!

We have made it through our training and have been given our assignments. Tasks that seemed difficult to learn in the beginning of our service are now completed with ease. It is safe to say that we are comfortable. We have some great days and we have some bad days. There are days where we may want to completely give up and other days that make us proud of our commitment to service. Before we fall into the monotony of service, I think we need to remember a few things. The first is that our service will not last forever. Though it may seem like we started just yesterday, those 5 and a half months have gone by pretty fast. We ought to make the best of every moment we have at our various sites. The second is why we chose to serve. I know it can be discouraging at times, but you are making a difference. Even if it does not seem like anyone is willing to listen or to change, the fact that you are there ready to help has made a world of a difference already. The third and final thing is that without your help your sites and the people you service would be at a great disadvantage. Everyone is not made for service and not everyone is willing to make the commitment that you made. If no one else says it, I am proud to be your fellow AmeriCorps! I am so happy that this many people have dedicated their time and efforts to make a difference in the world.

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