Success Story: Our Friendship Quilt By Tarah Wilson

As an AmeriCorps Head start member I have had the pleasure of participating in the Picturing America Program, this program focuses on exposing children to art, our nation’s history, culture while increasing critical thinking skills in an engaging way.
This past February, I used the photograph of Quilts. The children observed and critiqued the photograph, noting all the shapes and colors. We then followed up the picture with poems out of the book Stichin’ and Pulling by Patricia C. McKissack. We discussed how people use leftover fabric to make quilts, I passed around swatches of fabric to correlate with the lesson exposing the children to textures and types of fabric that could be used in making a quilt.
For follow up, I created a center where I had the children take a square of construction paper and glue Felt shapes and other materials making their own quilt patch. After all 4 classes (56 individual patches in total) made their squares; the squares were then all attached with yarn making one big “Friendship Quilt”. The result was a lovely colorful quilt that all the classes could enjoy saying they participated in making. Currently, it is hanging in The Gross Motor Room for all the kids to see and enjoy.

Tarah's Quilt

Written by EBCAP AmeriCorps Member Tarah Wilson

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