Ready to Learn Providence Recruitment

It is that time of year again…AmeriCorps recruitment season!


So I thought that it would be a nice idea to get some perspective on what it takes to be an effective Ready to Learn Providence AmeriCorps member (not that two years of service hasn’t shown me a thing or two…at least I hope so!)


Who better to ask than our lovely AmeriCorps director, and former AmeriCorps VISTA member herself, Kristin Read?


Kristin is familiar to many in Rhode Island thanks to her work with VISTA and Rhode Island Campus Compact. In her second year as director of the AmeriCorps team at Ready to Learn Providence, Kristin has developed some ideas about what a great AmeriCorps looks like. And what we need to make our team amazing next year.

“Our team attracts amazing, talented, and diverse people. We want members who can work well with others, think on their feet and who are comfortable working in the community,” Kristin states. “What makes Ready to Learn Providence so special is the fact that many of our members come from the community we serve. Not only can they make a huge contribution because they speak the language and understand the culture, but they are able to engage others in the work needed to make a positive change”.


However, Kristin goes on to emphasize that Ready to Learn is am amazing opportunity for anyone. “Many of our members begin to transform themselves through education and professional development opportunities that the AC program provides. I know that we are empowering leaders in the community.”


Our recruiting season stretches from March 1 – May 1! We will have an information session on April 5th from 9-11am. Attached is a link to the AmeriCorps informational page on our website and to the applications, if you know anyone who would be interested in applying, have them visit or

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