Future Plans from a MuseumCorps Educator!

Prior to my year of service I often found myself struggling to find my passion. Throughout my life, I swore that my perfect fit was somewhere in the medical field.  Then I got some experience in the medical field. I took notice that the only real time that I was actually happy in a medical office was when a child was the patient.

Realizing my love for being around children prompted me to search high and low for opportunities that would provide me with experience to see if I was cut out for working with children. First, I found the Children’s Museum then I found out about AmeriCorps there.

 Through my year of service I was exposed to early education through the Head Start program. We worked closely with over 50 classrooms and I was able to see the different dynamics in them all. While we were working one-on-one with the children I could envision myself being their teacher full-time. Most times I found myself longing for my own preschool classroom with my own set of children who I could learn and grow from while effectively guiding them through their early years.

I registered full-time at CCRI in the Early Childhood Education program this fall. I have my year of service to thank for preparing me for the year to come and for helping me discover where I want to focus my dedication.

-Vanessa Guerrero, HeadStart Team

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